Introducing Berger’s Burger Metric

Berger's Burger Metric 1Berger's Burger Metric 2

Berger’s Burger Metric

Above is a rubric I’ve created for objectively evaluating burgers. It is called Berger’s Burger Metric.

The reason I created it is two-fold:

1) I love burgers, but loathe the fact that there was previously no metric with which one could objectively determine who made the best burger in town.

2) It’s become clear that despite the fact that I use a rubric to grade my students’ work, many of them still look at my grading methods as purely subjective. As an exercise, I am having my students create a rubric for something they wish to objectively evaluate (cars, pizzas, bands, etc.). After creating the rubric, they will use the criteria they established on the rubric to write an evaluation argument. Before writing a rhetorical analysis later in the semester, they will create their own rubric for evaluating/analyzing/grading pieces of writing. My hope is that these tasks lead to some metacognition and, ultimately, an understanding that grading is not an esoteric or subjective act. Berger’s Burger Metric simply serves as a second example of a rubric beyond my grading rubric. I intended it to be a little silly and fun. Hopefully it helps them see that thinking, writing, and communicating don’t have to be super dry and boring tasks.

This is my first semester using these assignments, so I’ll report back later on how they are received.

Questions: What rubric do you want to create? What activities or lessons have you used to help your students understand the grading process?

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