Welcome to Taco Talks Records

Hello. My name is Andy.

Ever since I was 12 or 13, I’ve been compiling all sorts of lists about records. Now that I’m 31, it could be argued that the depth of my knowledge on the subject of records extends beyond what a normal, functioning adult would consider healthy. Instead of allowing all of this information to continue to fester in my brain, I plan on pouring some of it out onto the digital pages of this blog.

Because I don’t want to saturate the #market with too much goodass #content, I will only be posting twice per week.

In order to further streamline my #brand, all posts will include one of the following #hashtags:

#DesertIslandDiscs – posts about records I see as essential listening

#NewTuneTuesdays – posts about records released within the last three months

#ThrowbackThursdays – posts about records that aren’t good enough to take on the desert island, but are worth revisiting for nostalgic reasons

#FindItFridays – posts about rare records worth tracking down

#LIVE – posts about concerts I’ve attended

#OffBrand – posts about other stuff like college basketball and good as hell TV shows

Thank you for reading. Once again, welcome to Taco Talks Records!! Look for the first real post to be up early next week.

EDIT (5/26/15): I have changed the name of the blog from Taco Talks Records to The Andy Berger Blog.

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